Equal Pay Day

The Equal Pay Day in Estonia will be held on April 19, 2012 (according to the pay gap). Why on April 19? Because this is the amount of extra days in the current year women need to work to get the same amount of annual income than men for the previous financial year.

As the pay gap in Estonia is the highest in Europe we need to raise the public awareness and initiate public discussion how to narrow the gap. Under the title “Tilliga ja tillita” we have got very good media coverage and calls to national TV and radio programs. On Equal Pay Day restaurants and cafes all over the country serve salmon (means also “gap”) meals for 2 different prices with dill 30,3% (2010), 30,9% (2011) and in 2012 27,6 % pricier than without dill. We have also involved men as speakers and opinion leaders to support our campaign in 2012.

The campaign raises enthusiasm of women to stand for their equality in the society. Last year a research on the reasons of the high pay gap in Estonia was revealed. Relying on the research and the experience from our campaigns we have decided to focus this year on attitudes and gender stereotypes as one of the biggest barriers in closing the gap.. Read more >

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